The Geometry Of The Woman’s Body

The Geometry Of The Woman’s Body

Very soon it will be that time of year that this stay-at-home mom goes forth into the workplace for a temporary infusion of income that pays for our family’s holiday expenses and, any extra left over goes toward the vacation fund. The season of Prom is where this mom makes the bank. This will be the eighth year I will show up at a certain boutique within walking distance of my front door and get hired on the spot by a lovely couple who need extra help about three months every year.

I love this job. I especially love the gorgeous dresses and getting to play dress up with the lovely teenage girls that come in to shop. Being a mother of only boys I suppose it fills a void in my life in addition to filling my holiday cash stash. Over the years this stay-at-home mom who dresses for comfort has learned to be an expert at dressing each body shape beautifully.

One of my most beautiful memories was of a mother and her two adult daughters who were shopping for ball gowns. They were all extremely short and the only significant thing about their body shape is that they were all round. They entered the store uninterested and unexcited. They did not believe they would be able to find any dresses that would make them feel beautiful. I soon had them tightly cinched into corset style gowns that created the perfect hourglass for any figure. By the time they left they were all smiles and laughter. That’s why I love this job.

So, for all you ladies out there of all the various shapes and sizes, this information is all about you. Stand in front of a mirror and appraise your general shape. Think geometry. Perhaps you are a triangle (or pear), larger at the bottom. You may be a wedge, or apple, if you are broad shouldered and narrow hipped. If you are curvy and proportioned evenly, you are an hourglass. If you are like me, straight up and down, you would be a rectangle. After you determine your body classification you can then find the “silhouette” that you should shop for when buying a new dress:

The triangle, or pear shaped body, has a well-defined waist, round bottom, slim arms and shoulders, and a small bust. To project a more balanced shape, you want to emphasize your waist and arms, add some volume to your shoulders and upper body, and minimize attention to your hips. Dress silhouettes that work well for this shape are Empire waist, A-lines, or a one-shoulder sheath. Certain clothes you want avoid would be cargo pants and skirts with bold print. Certain wardrobe traits to shop for are light colored tops matched with darker bottoms, square necklines, ruffled collars, and high waisted jackets,

A wedge or apple shaped woman will have a broad chest and shoulders, a thick mid-section and narrow  hips. The best thing for this body shape is to show off the legs and use clothing to create the illusion of an elongated torso with a waistline. Monochromatic looks are great. However, if you opt for opposing colors in separates, pants and skirts should be brighter colors than the tops. Avoid spaghetti-strap tops or blouses with square collars.  When selecting a gown or dress, choose an empire waistline to show off your strong bust and shoulders and minimize attention to a thick waist. Boot cut and flared jeans are the best line to wear for pants. If you go with a skirt, keep it short and show off your legs.

Curvy women with that enviable hourglass shape should be able to wear just about anything, right? That is often the case. However, the biggest mistake curvy women make is when showing off their curves they sometimes go overboard. A very classy, sexy look can quickly become a trashy disaster. So, show it off by all means, but do so tastefully. Also, don’t wear baggy clothing and hide it all either! Choose fitted dresses. Wrap dresses or high waisted skirts are awesome. Also, by wearing a belt with a dress your hourglass figure is accentuated. Choose lightweight fabrics and go for the skinny or straight leg jeans.

The rectangular woman wants to use her clothing to create the appearance of curves where they are lacking. Wear low, scooped, sweetheart necklines. Don’t be afraid to go all out with ruffles around collars. This will flatter your chest. Wear dresses that have layered ruching to add dimension. Experiment with colorful prints.

Dressing any body shape is simply about using clothes as tools to create the illusion of proper proportions. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, skinny or round. With the proper silhouettes in your clothing, you can look fantastic.


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